The Energy Farms’ Energy Digest



The Energy Farms Group

May 2005

Vol. 3 No. 5




This newsletter promotes energy independence, independent living and environmental stewardship.


The Idea in brief


We want to encourage the development and support of Renewable Electric sites distributed along the power grid to:

-         Reduce Pollution and health costs incurred from fossil fuels

-         Provide jobs

-         Reduce the need for military actions to guard oil supplies

-         Become energy independent

-         Greater availability of electric and less outages

-         Lower and more stable electrical costs

-         Promote it as a stable independent family small business

-         Broaden the tax base in rural areas

-         Help encourage research for electrical energy for the world


Contents this issue:                                                                                    


                                                            New Section(s) in RED







Jobs in the Energy Field

            Jobs in the Energy Fields


Latest News and Articles

            Latest News

            Recent articles – Latest articles related to our goals

            Friends (companies and groups that just joined in with us)



Energy Sites and Information

            Sample Sites for Solar, Wind, Micro-Hydro, Geothermal and Biomass

            Wind Products

            Hydro-Power Quiz

RE-Communities and Developments

            Tour Energy Sites




RE Pictures – From the National Renewable Energy Lab.





Additional Permanent Sections





            The Manufactures/Dealers $200,000 - $500,000 Challenge – Promote and sell your solution(s)

            Financial Challenge




            US Banks – A list of US banks along with a link to The World Bank

            Venture – Venture Capital Companies

            Additional Financial Planning – A liaison effort between the seekers and money suppliers.

            Master Contract – Edison Electric Institute’s

            Team with NON-Profit


Legislation, Government Contacts




                        State –  We also started a new section for state information and need representatives to send in reports.

                                    See States….


            The Grid – Interstate Renewable Energy Council

            DOE's Clean Cities Program

            State Activities – New section looking for correspondents from each state to send in latest information.


Promote The Effort of Changing the World

Brochure - A simple brochure you can print and distribute to support the Energy and Environmental issues

            Presentations – A page dedicated to adding presentations and links to appropriate presentations

            Alternate Fuels Data Center – Information on alternate fuels

            Financial Planning – Banks, Start up funding, and venture capital companies interested in RE

            Suggested Actions - Things you can do to support the project!

Awards – We plan on sending out an awards certificate to people/groups/organizations/companies that have contributed to the promotion of Energy Farms or Renewable Energy.  There is no timetable or limits on the number.  We are following the Dr. W. Edwards Demming concept of continuous improvements and not the Malcolm Balridge National Quality Award of just rewarding the top performer. Please feel free to send in your candidates along with a brief description as to why we should consider them.



            Shops – Renewable Energy Sales

            FOR SALE – RE products






            Energy Foundations – A list of Foundations interested in renewable energy.

            Grant Information – Public and Private sector grants funding sources



            Phantom Loads – Do you really KNOW your electric device is OFF or just SLEEPING?



          RE Education – Learn about electric and a possible career


Questions, Answers, Feedback and Events

            Product Feedback Section – Have you used a RE product and would like to tell us your experiences.

            The “Q” Page – The question to the readers, and from the readers (FAQs’ and  Qs’ and As’)



            Events / Fairs – RE happenings



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